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About Me...

Learning through experience 

I am mum to 3 beautiful children, a step son and our rescue greyhound. Married to my husband and soul mate.


I overcame being homeless, PND, anxiety and Ulcerative Colitis. I am passionate about healing myself so that I can authentically help others on their journey. It’s taken me a while to get here but I am now ready to share my experience, it is always evolving and growing.

It’s important for me to build foundations to come from a place of support, love and compassion to genuinely understand my clients needs.

I have walked in similar shoes and journeyed through it to a place of wellness.

My life as I knew it completely changed in 2010 when I became pregnant with my daughter. My thriving career as a design engineer in London didn't have the same appeal and motherhood totally tipped my world upside down.

I knew for me, there was more to life. But my journey has not been an easy one.


We faced financial challenges which led to loosing our family home. I immediately lost my local support network as we had to move to a new town to live with my husbands elderly Grandmother, with 2 babies under 3. I was lonely and isolated. Then I was met with both physical and mental health issues resulting in my complete burnout.

I overcome mostly through natural and holistic healing modalities, nutrition and mindset work, learning more than I ever thought possible.The biggest wake up call was that... to feel OK I MUST make meeting my needs a priority, when I struggled my childrens behaviour changed in a negative way. I was overwhelmed, they were having tantrums, and it became a vicious circle, later acknowledging that I was a container for their emotions and feelings, they did not feel safe, if I couldn't meet their needs.

The later discovery was understanding I was triggered by my children because my inner child had unmet needs too which was likely full circle because our parents to had unmet needs and suppressed emotions and so the cycle and patterns continue. This blew my mind!

And so a deep, long inner healing journey commenced, which now I am so grateful for, because it means I am still here today to share that with you.

(there were times when I didn't think I would make it through the other side)

Along the way I've met inspiring people who share much knowledge and great wisdom of their teachings, we never stop learning and growing.But my biggest teachers will always be my children and my biggest support is my husband.With huge servings of Love, Kindness, Compassion and Gratitude.

Our mindset is key to everything! 

To take care of that we need to make sure we look after our needs with Self Care and Self Love, so we can be there to help others.

My passion is holding a safe space for others who are wanting to transform their lives, as I did.  

Guiding and facilitating that journey to the life of liberation. I am just a few steps ahead of to guide them forward.​

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