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My Approach


When you know better,
you do better
- Maya Angelou


We always have a choice we can choose to feel into…
- LOVE and things that DO bring us JOY
OR we can feel into
- FEAR or worry about the things we have no control of

How do I want to feel:


-Calm, patient, good enough, confident in our choices?

-Feel good physically, mentally, emotionally? (however that looks to you – confident, passionate, sexy, to love yourself, take time for yourself, have fun, laugh)


Set an INTENTION and look for a SOLUTION as to what a better life looks like for you.
This can take time and as a mum I sometimes need a quick, easy and immediate solution which I am going to show you today and takes MINUTES. When we are in a place of feeling OK we can apply ourselves easier. To make the bigger changes. So start small and simple.

Basic fundamentals in our life



-Eat well


-Move your body

-What we listen too (music, self talk, people we surround ourselves with) (TIP! Not main stream news, get sucked in to a negative pattern)


Think Aeroplane safety demonstration…
Fit your OXYGEN MASK first.
Self Care Self Love Retreat gives you more inspiration and empowerment on a bigger scale but for today look at the above fundamentals as a basic tool kit, which works for me. And it’s a good way to start the day, end the day and at any moments where things start to feel a bit overwhelming at any point.

Lots of Love

Becky xxx

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