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One to One Treatments

The Mothers Touch offers a number of one to one healing treatments.

- Stand alone Crystal Healing and Reiki Healing session are available from £25.
- Becky created the unique Reset and Align, which is a deep healing ritual/ceremony bringing together her knowledge and training of Crystal Healing, being a Reiki Master, Shamanic practitioner work, Closing the bones and other modalities. This is a bespoke and intuitively guided treatment. Sessions are available from £65.


Reset & Align

Ready to release and transform? Enjoy and deep healing treatment.

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Crystal Healing

Deep relaxation and healing, assisted with the energy of crystals.


Reik Healing

The universal energy of Reiki awaits you for relaxation and healing.

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Closing the Bones

Ceremony of healing for the journey of pregnancy into motherhood. 

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