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Hey, how are you?
Therapy Sessions
One to One

A moment of time and space just for you. Remove negative and limiting beliefs to transform your life with Belief Coding®️ and Mind Navigation.

Or Choose one of the many holistic therapies such as Reiki or Crystal Healing or Closing the Bones.
Treat yourself to Becky's signature treatment which is a combination of energy modalities healing called 
Reset & Align.

Self Care Self Love Retreat

Retreats created from Becky's own journey from burnout to self love with self care. Brining guest speakers and workshops treating you to a day to discover the wisdom and power from the very people who helped her. 

You will experience connection and healing bringing you transformation to
Inspire your life,

Empower you to take action, and Enable you to live your best life.

 Make time to fit your own oxygen mask first.

Self Care

A nourishing and nurturing evening for ALL. 
- A moment for yourself
- A space to refuel
- Connection with other women
- Tools to help you create bitesize moments of calm

- Learn more about sacred wisdom of cycles and seasons

- Enjoy and take part in a healing share
- Stock up on some Self Care and Self Love.

Self Care

As part of an online learning experience, join Becky and special guest speakers for a quick Cuppa and chat. Coming soon. 
We will be discussing different themes, topics and ways you can top up and
re-fill your cup of
Self Care and
Self Love.

The Mothers Wisdom

Bitesize online learning members page to allow you to discover tools and tips to create some calm and ways to achieve self care, self love and gratitude in your life.

Ask more about The Inner Freedom Programme 


Bringing you workshops to learn about many aspects of ways to feel better.

Learn about Crystals, drum healing, meditation, mindfulness and more.

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About me...

In 2017 Becky Bohan founded The Mothers Touch from recovery from burnout, both her own physical and mental health, with the intention of creating a supportive space to encourage Self Care and Self Love for people to feel inspired, empowered, enabled to become fully who they were truly meant to be.

In 2018 followed the first ever Self Care Self Love Retreat holding a day of workshops aimed to give you tools and wisdom for your own healing and self care so you can fit your own oxygen mask.
Today her intention is for you to feel your best self and she will provide many ways to help you achieve this.

I had a really beautiful 'Reset and Align' session with Becky and I can't recommend it enough. It felt so nurturing and did exactly what the name said, it reset and realigned me, and that was especially welcomed as the world has been feeling a bit weird and scary of late. Becky has a really lovely way of being that is down to earth and very caring. Thank you xx


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